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MNHN, Musée de l’Homme, 17 Place du Trocadéro

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Statut : Researcher CNRS
Contact : cecile.garcia[@]
Équipe de recherche

Contact téléphone :

Équipe de recherche au sein du laboratoire : Nonhuman primates and environment

Thèmes interdisciplinaires de recherche : Primate reproductive ecology and evolution, sexual selection, communication, behavioral endocrinology

Aires géo-culturelles : Japan, Madagascar

Recherches actuelles / actualités :

I study the evolutionary and behavioral ecology of nonhuman primates, with a focus on communication, sexual selection, reproductive physiology and reproductive strategies.

My overall goal is to study morphological, physiological and behavioral aspects of primate reproduction as shaped by sexual selection. Much of my work has a particular focus on sexual communication, as well as the physiological and neuroendocrinological processes underlying mechanisms of mate choice.

My research questions broadly include : How does energetics affect female reproduction ? What social and ecological factors influence female reproduction ? Do females choose who to mate with ? And if so, what forms the basis of their mating preferences ? What is the information content of sexual signals ? What are the relative roles of visual and olfactory channels in sexual communication in different primate species ?

I consider these questions from an ultimate perspective, while at the same time using hormones to identify the mechanisms linking ecological and social factors to reproductive outcomes. I compare the communicative and cognitive abilities from a comparative perspective and I investigate how social system, ecology and phylogeny shape the reproductive signaling system.

My approach is multidisciplinary and includes methods from eco-ethology, endocrinology, ecophysiology, parasitology, physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, computer vision, comparative psychology, and neurosciences.

I conduct laboratory research on semi-free ranging olive baboons (Papio anubis) and Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata), as well as fieldwork on sifakas (Propithecus verreauxi) in Berenty, Madagascar and on Japanese macaques in Koshima Island, Japan.

Participation à une ANR, financements extérieurs :

- Responsable PICS France - Japon 2013-2015 (CNRS, INEE)
- Responsable Programme Convergence 2014-2015 (Sorbonne Universités, Idex SUPER)
- Responsable PICS France - Japon 2016-2018 (CNRS, INEE)
- Participante Programme Emergence 2017-2018 (Sorbonne Universités)

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