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About teaching

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The members of the laboratory also teach the following disciplines :

- Multifactorial and population genetics, evolution
- Biostatistics
- Ethnoecology
- Ethology
- Paleoanthropology

These subjects are part of the course’s curriculum of the following establishments : Université Paris 7 Denis-Diderot ; ENS ; Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle ; Université Paris 1 ; Université Paris 5 René Descartes.

The teaching modules are part of different courses and under the responsibility of researchers and teachers and researchers of the unit. Some modules are common to several universities and are only accessible under certain conditions.

Master of research (M1 & M2) program : “Environment : Milieu, Techniques, Societies”

Program Director : Serge Bahuchet (MNHN)

EMTS (Environment : Milieux, Techniques, Societies) is one of the six specialities of the Master of Research’s program. It is open for all students in the following fields : Agronomy, anthropology, biology, ecology, ethnology, geography, environmental sciences, health sciences, sociology, etc..

The Master 1 program develops an original field of study : Environmental anthropology or the study of human-nature relationship from a social sciences’ point of view.

The Master 2 program applies an interdisciplinary approach of environment that combines human and social sciences.

For further information, please download the presentation leaflet of the previous programs and check the section Master, spécialité (EMTS).