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Evelyne Heyer in English

Professor at the National Museum of Natural History in Anthropology Genetics

par Évelyne Heyer - 28 février

Main Publications

recent publications

Contact : evelyne.heyer@mnhn.fr

I am working in the broad field of Human Evolutionary genetics with a special focus in Human population genetics.

The three main questions for my research are :
- peopling history
- detecting and estimating natural selection
- evaluating the importance of social behaviour and their transmission in the evolution of our species

In the team we are working on several areas in the world for which we have an interdisciplinary approach. My work focus on three area of the world.
- the Quebec population
- Central Africa : the Pygmies and their neighbours

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Afrique Centrale
Populations sampled

- Central Asia : Genetic and linguistic diversity in Central Asia comparison of nomad herders and agriculturalists

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Asie Centrale
Populations Sampled

some pictures on my work on the field

Some other important aspects of my work (see also my wiki page)
- 2009-2013 I was Editor of Human Biology with F Manni and G Barbujani Human Biology
- I am now Commissioner general for the permanent exhibition of the Musée de l’Homme in Paris

Some recent general public interventions :
- "Les hommes, l’ADN et moi" Theatre La Pepinière
- Paris vu par